Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this is boring and everything sucks.

So I'm (clearly) a little less active about this whole blogging thing now that I'm back at school. That whole free all day to write and exercise and nap thing? Doesn't work so well when you cycle the 10km to Uni and back, read a million articles and  on your two spare days, either volunteer at a school, or spend the day doing crazy housework and cooking and stuff.
Didn't see this lack of writing time a few months ago, apparently.
But so it goes. I'm doing my best here.
Also I just bought a 20in computer screen cos it was 'cheap' and I'm waiting for the connector to connect my macbook to it so then I can use it and do Uni with it and actually see my screen. Joy.

Anyway, I'm about to make a tofu pad thai, which has been marinating all day, so it should be yum. Also the other day we had Vientamese Vegetarian rice-paper rolls and they were quite tasty though better, I think, as a non vegetarian option. I took photos as we made them cos they're pretty awesome and it's even more fun because we use the rampant mint from our garden, but they're super healthy and easy and fresh and if you're into that kind of thing you'll like these. But I'll post that up later.

We're trying, at the moment, to branch out into cooking more things - hence the tofu pad thai. I have a list of food on our white-board-fridge that I want to make in the future, and none of it is super exciting, just like, dahl and chickpea burgers and stuff.

I was going to write about a guy at Uni who's super negative about everything and just makes me want to poke his eyes out with a blunt fork, but I think I need to go chop some things, so here's me jotting that down for another time.

Also, despite being engaged since early October 2010, I think Nic and I are going to have our engagement picnic/board-games night/pot-luck/thing in the next two weeks or so. This time for realz. I had 'engagement picnic?' in my iCal for about the last 2 months, slowly being pushed back and back, but we might do it this time. But it aint gonna be a traditional party. I want casual. I want games (card and board.), I want wine, I want people to contribute. We would also like presents but I worry that if we label this thing an 'engagement party' then we're obligated to invite cousins, and my cousins have money which would mean they bring the best presents and at the same time I just want to have friends over to my house for a night of board games which isn't an engagement party at all.
What to do?

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