Monday, March 21, 2011

favourite things pt 5.

Gooooooood evening everyone.

It's Monday here, so time for another round of my favourite thigns.
This week is a little bizzaro-world because although I've only had 2 weeks of a 'normal' schedule with classes and School Day etc, this week I have half as many classes and as a direct result, twice as many School Days.
But, as it's Monday I won't do the "post School Meltdown Wrapup", but the favourite things might have a distinctly school-like flavour.

  • When kids ask me, specifically for help. And then I watch them get something. When it clicks. Awesome. 
  • Rolling around on the floor in our Student Wellbeing class, pretending to be a starfish, then a fish, then a caterpillar. Then skipping. And trying to skip with a frown. Because those classes are hilarious. Ever want to be cheered up? Watch a group of 25 PostGrad students writhing on the floor like leeches, trying to replicate the stage in development post-utero. Yes. We did this today.
  • Mallei spooning with me (him being the littlest spoon) on cold nights, curling up against my stomach. Puppy love.
  • Cranking the music of some crappy crappy pop song in the car, singing along, swinging my hair, nodding my head. People in the car next to me be damned. I'm rocking out and there's nothing you can do about it. Unless you play this song.
  • My fricken small, sickly raspberry plant has about 20 raspberries ripening. WtF?! I'd given up hope on it, and now it's bearing fruit. Plants coming back from the dead = awesome.
Hurrah! Life is great.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the start to the week.

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