Wednesday, December 7, 2011

bring it, 2012... bring it!

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Good news, that job I applied for at the school where I did rounds & where I've been volunteering? Totally got it. Shyeah I did.
So it's working with prep/1 kids- that means kids who are 5 & 6, just starting school, or have been in school for a year. A biiiiit younger than I wanted, but we have to start somewhere, and the school is small and nice, and I'll only have 15 kids in my 'home group' (instead of 24-26ish) so, a really nice number for my first year. I'll be working with a teacher with about 4 years experience who is super passionate and should be easy to work with, and two more experienced part-timers. Luckily, because me and the other will be full-timers, we'll sort of... have more say about what happens. Today I suggested putting material in the colours of the rainbow up on the roof of the classroom and the C, the full-timer, was stoked by the idea. SO, I think it will be a fun year... I DID get an interview for a bigger, really innovative school, big on technology, etc... the school I went to last year which turned me from being a secondary teacher to a primary teacher... The interview is meant to be on Friday, but I feel like I should cancel the interview- having been accepted for this job, it'd be a bit douchey to back out now... PLUS, I can bring innovation to this school... Which would be neat.
So... 2012 is shaping up to be a bumper year:

  • New job for me, 1st year as a teacher, & I have a whole host of ideas and initiatives I want to 'test out' and implement.
  • New job for Nic! Working with the Government, so, hopefully he'll move up quickly and start getting his teeth into a proper career!
  • Double income!!!!! Man, that's so exciting.
  • Engagement picnic! (March)
  • Wedding! (November)
  • Honeymoon! (December, probably SE Asia and/or Japan)
  • Looking to buy a house!
  • Combining bank accounts!
  • Seeing live music! (we did a bit of this recently and it was good fun, so we're going to try and start going more often). 

Uh, so... they're a whole lot of BIG LIFE EVENTS crammed into one measly year.
It's gonna be a big one!