sometime list

I've decided to create a list, and put it up here. Yes, I have about a hundred lists floating around. Yes, I just made a post about how I don't need a list to know what I want, but I feel like I'm missing out somehow if I don't.
So, this isn't going to be a 'before I die' scenario, necessarily. It's also not going to be '101' or '50' or '326'... It's just going to be. And when I do something, I can cross it off. Because I think I want this list to be more about experiencing life, and learning, and constantly remaining curious about the world around me (taking off teacher hat now, sorry), and I think it's good to have a reminder that you are constantly experiencing, adventuring and growing. Sometimes you feel like life has stopped and you aren't getting anywhere... seeing you've crossed things off maybe helps ride through those difficult patches.

  1. Ride horses in Mongolia 
  2. Do a horse tour in Colorado
  3. Go snowboarding.
  4. Go white water rafting again.
  5. See Milford Sound in NZ
  6. Kayak in NZ.
  7. Zorbing in NZ.
  8. Drive through the Alps in Switzerland.
  9. See Wolves outside a zoo (sanctuary, wild, etc).
  10. See Grizzly bears in the wild.
  11. See the leaves turn in New England.
  12. Go back to Maine.
  13. See a Moose.
  14. Go to India.
  15. See cherry blossoms in old Japan.
  16. Paint a picture that I’m happy to have on my walls.
  17. Buy a house.
  18. Print photos on canvas and put them on the walls.
  19. Take Nic to the Soca River in Slovenia.
  20. Swim in the Mediterranean.
  21. Go to Morocco.
  22. Get a tattoo.
  23. Own a horse.
  24. Swim with dolphins.
  25. Go whale-watching and see whales.
  26. Go paragliding somewhere awesome.
  27. Teach underprivileged kids in India, Nepal or somewhere in South America.
  28. Trek to Machu Picchu.
  29. Pet a llama somewhere in South America.
  30. Start a school.
  31. Run in a 5km fun run.
  32. Run in a 10km fun run.
  33. Eat fruit from my fruit trees.
  34. Eat my home-grown vegetables. (Ok, tomatoes are a fruit, but they're in the vegetable garden, so they count. Shut up.)
  35. Make blackberry jam.
  36. Have a campfire at our wedding.
  37. Own land.
  38. Build my own house with triangle windows.
  39. Own a motorbike.
  40. Climb Mt. William for our engagementversarry when there’s a view to see.
  41. Hike to a swimming hole and camp there.
  42. Learn to sew and hem my jeans.
  43. Knit a beanie.
  44. Sew a dress.
  45. Eat Portuguese food in Portugal.
  46. Eat Tapas in Spain
  47. Make a fort out of sheets.
  48. See Otters in the wild.
  49. See beavers.
  50. See a psychic.
  51. See a ballet.
  52. Perfect rolling a kayak.
  53. Get my own river kayak,
  54. Get sea kayaks when we live near the sea.
  55. Go hiking in Tasmania (Cradle Mtn or Bay of Fires)
  56. Make raspberry jam from my own raspberries.
  57. Make a gingerbread house.
  58. Make a pumpkin pie.
  59. Graduate.
  60. Get married.
  61. Do some cool interior decorating. Often unnecessary, but looking awesome.
  62. Incorporate tree trunks and branches into my house.
  63. Paint a feature wall.
  64. Write a will.
  65. Stay in an over water bungalow in Vanuatu, French Polynesia or the Maldives, etc.
  66. Drive through the Rockies.
  67. Work for fun.
  68. Go kite-surfing.
  69. Go dog sledding.
  70. Start my own small business and profit from it.
  71. Compete in a triathlon.
  72. Go sky diving.
  73. Go to a maize maze.
  74. Have fried eggs from my own chickens.
  75. See the Californian Redwoods.
  76. Go back to Prague, maybe when it’s snowy?
  77. Give trick-or-treaters candy in North America.
  78. See the stars somewhere remote in the Northern Hemisphere.
  79. Have a campfire while camping some night.
  80. Eat chicken tikka masala and butter chicken in India.
  81. Drop back to 56kg (or equivalent, if I'm a beefcake) 
  82. Be more creative- profit, somehow, off that creativity.
  83. Write a novel.