Saturday, February 12, 2011

tomato festival pt.II

More tomatoes!!
There's probably at least this many again out there still so I'm pretty excited.

Nic and I have a friend who recently had a cancer scare. Since then, he resolved to turn his life around, get fit and healthy, and generally look after himself more. One of the ways he decided to do this was to try and eat everything organic. Which is fine, aside from the fact that it's exorbitantly expensive in this country. Oh, and the fact that he seems to assume that organic=healthy.
"Oh! I got this great organic apple pie the other day! She used only organic flour and butter in the crust! And it was only $20!"
(Ok, pies aren't the worst example, but he said it in such a way that seemed to suggest he could eat five of them and would still be healthy).
Anyway, my point is this: These tomatoes have been pretty much hassle free, and as such, I've never had to spray them with anything- natural or otherwise (unlike my stupid raspberries and strawberries. Camelot is still holding up though, y'all.) and so I can say with (complete?) confidence, that my tomatoes are organic. Ha.

So I'm gonna bombard you with some photos again, because I like trying to get better at photography, and I don't know if I am, but hey, it made me wipe down the kitchen benches before taking the photos, and that has to be a good thing right? Anything that makes me clean in the name of doing something fun can't be a waste of time.
I ended up getting a whole little bucket worth of tomatoes today. And a strawberry. And some basil for artistic effects.

I made them small so you can click on them to see my 'artistic effects' if you want. Plus the yumminess of our tomatoes. I don't know if I wrote about why these tomatoes are so exciting, but basically we Nic grew them from seeds, had the seedlings all up along our kitchen window through the last of winter, and JUST before the trip we dumped them in the ground, asking our neighbor to come and water the garden, but not expecting much from them. I expected to come back to see scraggly little dead things... little did we know, Melbourne had a strange, wet and humid spring that turned out to be perfect growing weather, and we came back to a jungle. I thought they'd be dead, but here they are, giving us fruit!

Today we're off to do the V-Day things, and then we can relax tomorrow. I'm being given instructions on what to wear and still can't deduce what's going on or where we're going. Also, Reya has discovered how to pop the bubbles in bubble-wrap.

(Nic, standing in kitchen and listening to me type away on this post:
"Are you blogging it up?"
Me: "I'm just about to post one."
"Ooooo.... you're like a post-master demon!")

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