Monday, February 28, 2011

favourite things pt 2.

Happy last day of February everyone!
I'm on to my 2nd week of Centrelink-Imposed-Leave at the moment, with Uni starting next week (arg! Under-prepared!) which means another week of sitting around watching period dramas (Nic hates them, so I watch them when he's not home, but I think I've run out of 'good' ones (which is to say, most of them are only questionably good, at best)), walking the dog, cleaning, playing loud music, and looking at too much of the internet. Oh! And I have a bike now, so I should go riding, except the space between the handle-bar and the brake is really far, and so I can't get a good grip which means if I'm going down a hill, I don't feel like I'm in control of the fact that I need to be stopping because I can only just grab the brake lever with the tippy-tips of my fingers. So we're going to call the store today because, hey, braking is pretty important, and I have small hands.

But after yesterday's exercise bonanza, I'm pretty achey all over, though have decided we're still going to the gym this afternoon- we'll see how that pans out.
It's Monday!
And that means: Some more favourite things!
  • Watching Nic read my blog. Seeing him smile, then laugh at something I've written, possibly about us, or him, or our family. Even if nobody else comes here, he enjoys reading it, and is entertained by it. 
  • When the kitten gets so, so fired up... like a string that's been wound and wound and wound, and then it untwists super fast? Yeah, she's like that. She careens around the house, launching through the bookshelf, using human bodies as springboards. When she's wound up like this and trying to explode energy, sometimes she makes a primal little noise that isn't a meow. It's like a meow of happiness and excitement that just wants to burst out of her, but she doesn't let her. Sometimes it's like a little gurgly: "Mrrrr!!!" or sometimes it's a more high-pitched "Mreee!!" We know she's really getting going when she starts making these noises. 
  • The ache in your body after you know you've done a good workout. It's your muscles saying: Wow, I'm pretty tired, but that means I'm getting stronger and more awesome, so keep it up.
  • Emerging, bleary eyed from bed after Nic has let me sleep in, to find my husband-to-be busy cooking up a storm (particularly when that storm is pancakes), coffee ready. He looks around, horrified that I'm out of bed, and when asked if there's anything I can do to help, I'm commanded to go sit down, or go back to bed. 
  • (Edit: Listening to Nic speak French, even if it's just on the phone to the French bank. Even though I think it's stupid that he appologises to the call centre bank worker for disturbing him. Really, it's no trouble, they're paid to take your call, hun. But anyway. Nic + French = Both adorable, and sexy.)

Two loves. She has grown!!! I feel like Mallei will be jealous if he doesn't get a picture up here, but he has a whole advice column to himself, so he can't really complain.
What am I talking about? He doesn't know what's going anyway.

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