Sunday, February 6, 2011

it's like a fricken tomato festival in here...

My tomatoes have ripened (and are continuing to ripen!)

Despite Melbourne's massive amounts of rain, my garden seems to have come through unscathed! Of the 4 zucchini plants, one is flowering like mad, and the other three (which are in the garden itself, while the flowering one is just in a pot) are just trying to get as big and dominant as possible, but aren't worrying too much about the whole flowering/fruiting thing.

My strawberry, I think, needs more bees (for pollination, see?), as the fruits are small and gnarly, but I think that would involve more flowers other than the little strawberry ones, and I don't have any.

My basil has gone mad and I have a heap of basil bushes, which is exciting because I love basil, and I especially love pairing it with the hundreds of tomatoes! Today I went to check on the garden, noticed a heap of tomatoes were splitting open (too ripe!) and picked a few... which turned into a handful... which turned into me, using my t-shirt as some kind of peasant's apron. I tried to find a photo on google of what I mean by this, but nothing came up, which makes me wonder if I had invented the concept. Also the fact that Nic said:
"You look like your pregnant", when seeing said food-carrying-t-shirt-apron device wasn't entirely supportive, particularly since my tshirt was pulled up (because it was carrying so many mini-tomatoes) to expose my belly. Maybe I should have been mad about that comment.
Point of story.
There were too many tomatoes for my hands alone.
Some have already gone into our mouths via sandwhiches (delicious). Others still will go into our mouths via future meals. Not tonight, alas. Tonight we are attempting some sort of chicken, leak and corn disaster concoction (I was joking about the disaster part, I just thought it would be funny, and particularly since I like love using strikethrough, and frankly, don't abuse use it enough. Are you sick of it yet?), unfortunately with none of the ingredients coming from my garden. We could maybe have used the thyme but I think that while I was out there the other day pulling up the mint-that-had-gone-rampant, I stood on the thyme, which, to be honest, was in a bad shape already.
Truthfully I stood on it about five times. I did apologize, but since it was in the process of dying beforehand, I can't see it being too appreciative of my shoes on its... um... face? Whatever.
Here are some pictures of my tomatoes. Cos they're so shiny and pretty and tasty. And one terrible one of me. The whole close-ups-with-blurry-bits photos are what my Dad would term "Artistic Effects". He gets very excited doing these with the digital camera he bought with his frequent flier points (or whatever reward scheme it was). Though his photos are usually just super-close-ups of things.
Bowl of tomatoes! They don't look very red, but some were splitting from being ripe, and they came off the vine easily, so they are ripe, they just don't get more red. There's also basil leaves on the side. It is a small bowl, and they are small tomatoes.

Check out mah artistic effects. Pretty gnarly.

This is to prove that I have many more tomatoes to come. Also there are leeks and spring-onions in the background which may be ready by winter, if we're lucky.

Here's me. I mainly put this one in because then you can get a feel for the scale of the tomato-to-bowl ratio. Also, you may like to note in the background that the BirdScare100 (not to be confused with Bird-Eater100) is still in full-force. Camelot continues to fly her flags! The wind and storms did not destroy it! Unfortunately I think it has been slugs or something eating my berries, so the system, although brilliant and probably doing a great job at scaring birds and not being blown over by the wind, is, unfortunately, completely useless.

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