Friday, February 4, 2011

not the barramundi!!!

Reading about the post-cyclone devistation, one news site breaks down how towns have been affected. Eg:
Townsville: 85 per cent of city is without power. Minor structural damage. Debris strewn across streets. Storm tide in Townsville was 2.3m
Carwell: Around 60 properties have major structural damage, 100 have "medium level damage" and 50 have minor damage.
And so on...
The town where the cyclone was expected to hit hardest is Innisfail, remember? So, keeping in mind that this is the destruction, houses have been wiped out, flooding, etc... this is the first line of what the news article has to say about the damage at Innisfail:
Innisfail: Some 8,000 baby barramundi killed at a barramundi farm at Mourilyan. 

And then goes on to talk about "Town was isolated by floodwaters. Roads strewn with debris."(source)...

I just find it strange that the first line about this town, is in regards to some baby fish.... Nevermind houses, flooding, debris.... Some baby fish were killed. Are they so desperate for a mortality figure (as nobody has been reported dead yet. Someone on Facebook commented that the morning news reporters almost looked disappointed by the fact yesterday morning.) that this is what they come up with? I'm no fish expert, though. Maybe these fish are vital for our eco-system or something. Really, I think people just like catching and eating them. Ah, turns out they're QLD's most important commercial fish. Even so... I don't think that, in the grand scheme of things, it's the most important piece of information.
Who knows. Maybe it is.



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