Thursday, February 3, 2011

maybe australia isn't for us...

I'm feeling less and less like I want to get married in Australia, and more and more somewhere with scenery like this:


Um, hello Mountains!

Or somewhere like this:


Or, hello awesome circle of friends-and-family:

Uh... I'm picking my jaw up off the floor now. Can you see this scenery? Realistically, these places are all a little 'dry', hence the pictures higher of the couple near the lake with the tall, tall evergreen trees, deep and green and damp and beautiful.
Cos here's the thing. I want people to come to our wedding. I want my family and friends, and Nic's family and friends to come. So, realistically, this means we can't really go more than 2 hours out of Melbourne. Most people are already going to be travelling as it is. But... I don't know. We love mountains, and water... How important is scenery? How important is it compared to having as many people as possible there? How far will people travel? What is a reasonable drive to expect of people? (because places we would consider wouldn't have airports nearby)...

And oh-em-gee this whole wedding is in the most spectacular place. Oh, BC, I miss you :(

And, um, YES...

I would so love a wedding shot, cliff-top, like one of the favourite ones of Nic & I... but only imagine if we were wedding-dressed and being awesome. Shyeah.
Now get me up there in a wedding dress!! Ok so we had to climb a mountain to get where we were, but it wasn't that difficult...

Anyway, I love mountains.
Nic loves mountains.
I would love a mountain wedding.
(Mountain marriage!?)

Edit: Compromise!? What if we were to take a friend who is a photographer-of-sorts up to the Grampians (National Park where above photo was taken), with our wedding getup, and do like a post-wedding-photo thing... Though, then my hair won't be as pretty, I guess. But it could be done! We could hike up the mountain with packs full of wedding dress 'n stuff.
Maybe that's a silly idea. Idunno.

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