Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new car, caviar, four star daydream, think i'll buy me a football team...

10 points to anybody who knows the song that the title has come from.

I have such great memories associated with that song, but I think that they might be inappropriate to write here/might get me in trouble/might change people's opinions of me. So I'll leave it at that and you can wonder.

I've been wondering about extra ways to make some dough once I'm not at work. Aside from berry picking, i could tutor, though that will be dependent on my uni schedule as well, because kids are only home to get tutored in the afternoon/evenings, or on weekends. Since I'm finally getting some evening time, since I won't be working till 6.30pm, I'm loath to give them up. So I'm trying to think if I have any super mad creative skillz that I can put to use.

Nic says: "You're creative! You have great ideas!"
Which is lovely, but not so helpful, because selling creative ideas is a difficult business. I can also write, if I really want to, but again, I don't know how to sell that (maybe I need to look into freelance writing? Problem is, I don't feel strongly enough about things, I don't think, to write good articles, or whatever. I don't even know how it works. Maybe if I could write for some online...places... hmmm...). Then I thought maybe I could learn how to do something that wouldn't take very much effort/time/equipment, and then sell stuff on Etsty.
"You could just make some random crap out of pegs and then say they're magnets and then people could put them on their fridge and peg stuff!" Was Nic's suggestion. I love that he tries. But I think I would need more than pegs. I wish I could sew. Or had a sewing machine- that'd be a good first step. If I had a sewing machine I could teach myself how to sew and maybe I could become awesome and like, make dresses or wedding dresses that are different and funky and sell them. Or something. But that requires a sewing machine.
To be fair on Nic, who's taken a bit of a beating in this post, he did suggest I could do something with photoshop.
I used to play a game and on the game I used to do a lot of photoshop stuff, particularly of people's dogs, their dogs' names, etc. So I could do some sort of photoshop thing- I photoshopped my banner, and I think it's pretty nice (for those of you reading through a reader, you miss out). But what can I do for people? And do I trust my skillz enough to do it (nope)? And what sort of things would I design for them?? And would doing all this interfere with doing Uni? Eg: Any sort of writing activity? Probably going to make me less inclined to write 6,000 words for an assignment.
Does anybody who does freelance writing know how pays work? I mean, I'm in Australia... might have to do some research on this.
PS. The song is 'Money' by Pink Floyd.

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