Monday, February 21, 2011

favourite things pt 1.

It's Monday.
I feel like, for most people, Mondays are depressive. After all, everyone/most people (not me!!!) have to go to work after a nice/interesting/exciting/lazy weekend. Stupid mondays.
I also feel like one thing I like about other blogs is when they have "Wacky Wednesday!" or "Freaking-Out-Friday!" or "Friday-Fashion-Frenzy!" and every Friday they have a fashion frenzy. Or a freak out session. Or whatever.
So, I was thinking during this weekend, that I'm really contented with Not-Quite-Married-Life, but there are a few things that make it extra special. And this doesn't just apply to relationships, as you'll see. Just life in general. So maybe I should make a little list of these things..
Because everyone needs a pick-me-up.
Especially on a Monday.
So here are my favourite things of a Monday morning, in no particular order.

  • Absent-minded shoulder rubs on the couch while watching the 2nd episode of Grey's in a row.
  • The kitten's purr becoming super intense as she kneads her feet into Mallei's fur, as if the ecstasy was too much for her to handle. 
  • Watching Nic love Mal and Reya
  • Getting so awesome at holding the Plank position at the gym* that I have to start looking for harder variations.
 I might be back with a real post later. After all, I'm having 'afternoon tea' with Mum (ie: I need to waste time between getting my haircut and picking Nic up at 5 from his work, and Mum happens to leave conveniently nearby to the hair place) and she always provides me with plenty of material. I will try and spare you a long and ranty bitchfest and maybe glean something more productive out of our time together.

*Been going to the gym consistently for about a month now. Feeling a little more toned, but have apparently lost 0kg. Which is damn depressing. A girl at work says if she hadn't lost anything after 2 weeks she would have given up, so I need to keep trucking along. I know it's not the scale that's important, but hey, my clothes aren't fitting any better either so that's not really a good judgement tool!! Bah.

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