Tuesday, February 22, 2011

world tree...

Does anybody around here read Fantasy stories?

I think I might have just accidentally started writing a new story. I haven't admitted to this part of my history on here yet, but I used to write a lot of fantasy. I even wrote a fairly functional language. I'm quietly proud of that, and want to include it in everything I ever write from now on, but can't.

What I'm wondering is, if I'm busy writing a story instead of doing Uni assignments (when it gets to that point), and I post it up here, bit by bit, would people enjoy reading it? Not that you can really make a fair assessment - you've never read my writing writing, only the rambly stuff I post up here when I feel like making a point about something-or-other. And also, if you were to read, would you also prod me, were I to get writer's block for non-legitimate reasons (ie: I have a Uni assignment and can't write, doesn't constitute a time where you can prod me.)?

I'm peering at the notes I've scribbled up in Word in the last half hour- new worlds, new religion, new people, races, characters all developing, and wondering if I can pull this off. I might have to tentatively suggest it to Nic tonight. One thing he does exceptionally well is shoot down my ideas.
That sounds terrible. More like if I say:
"So I'm super excited about democratic education hon, it's gonna be GREAT! Kids are gonna just hang out and we're all gonna listen to each other and like, paint flowers on the walls and they can have a say in their classroom and they'll be engaged and happy and awesome. So there."
And he'll say:
"But how?"
And I'll say:
"Well... I don't know. It just will be. Ok. So shut up."
And he'll say:
"But what about this thing? Or that? Or what if a kid throws a chair at your head? Or what if kids don't want to make decisions? What if they just want to be told what to do? And you can't just have them hanging out.. they have to actually do work. And what about homework? And what about when they leave your classroom and suddenly can't make any decisions? THEN WHAT?!?"
And I say:
"...Homework doesn't do anything, and well... they'll be better thinkers when they go to another classroom, and y'know.. it'll just be awesome. Shut up."
My point is, is that he thinks of things that I don't, cos I get caught up in the shiny, and forget about the hard parts. Then he grills me on the hard parts.
Example 2:
"Hey, hon! We should totally do our ceremony in the middle of the bush! It'll be awesome. We can make chairs out of haybales and be married under a tree! And it'll be pretty. And natural. And awesome. So awesome."
"So how is the celebrant going to get power for his/her mic? Or are they going to bring in a generator? Do we need to get a generator??? Or do they have their own power or something?"
We actually had a fight over this. I was more grumpy because we haven't even picked a venue yet, let alone figuring out small logistics like this.
So, point is, he sees the hard parts, and makes me think about them, which is important, because then I can fix my ideas, and adjust them so they're a little more realistic. So I might ask him about my story later.

Which reminds me about something else I'd been thinking of, which is my fear that I don't actually like kids, and don't actually want to teach. I see hooligan youths on BMX bikes without helmets on and just want to run away. I'm scared of kids. I'm meant to be teaching people I'm scared of??? I don't know how to talk to young kids! I'm like Mallei. He wasn't socialized with children as a young pup (my fault), and now he just wants to run away from them. Especially small ones. They're scary and smell weird and make strange noises. I think he's got the right idea, to be honest. So what if I'm just... no good? Some people are great with kids. All the time. I'm awkward. Ugh.
But I'll write more about that. I'm visiting an alternative primary school tomorrow to see about volunteering, and I'm excited about that, so maybe it's unnecessary fear. Back to my story ideas now.

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