Wednesday, February 2, 2011

they've all moved on...

So I'm eating up blogs.
Since most of my job involves sitting around staring at the screen and waiting for calls to drop in, then trying to creatively waste time when I finish the call, I find I need a lot more to read than what I currently have.
The problem I''m finding is that so many of the popular 'wedding blogs'- that is, real people planning their real outdoor/budget/earth friendly/awesome/unique weddings... are married. And, usually, they're having babies, or whatever. Which, lovely as it is, isn't what I'm interested in reading about. And yes, there's more to this than the wedding, but I'm not baby ga-ga, and don't plan on having kids. Maybe if I'd been with them 'from the start', when they got engaged or made the blog, or whatever...

Otherwise, they've just opted out. I've found a bunch of blogs with their most recent post (usually a year old) saying: "Well, I'm not planning a wedding any more, so I'm not writing, and this is my last post. Thanks".

Can I be one of the 'new generation' of wedding planning blog people!?
Considering our wedding isn't for 21 months yet, maybe not right now.. but possibly.

Anyway, I'm just finding it a bit sad. Like: Oh! $10,000 Wedding blog! And... no, it's finished.
But it's ok. Once I'm back at Uni, I should stop reading blogs and actually read, y'know, school stuff.

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  1. Hi Em!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello :) I understand what you mean about following certain blogs...its nice to follow people where you're "at" in life to relate! No kids yet and none on the i'm just enjoying reading newlywed blogs.

    hope to see you around the blogosphere!