Thursday, March 24, 2011

i should have stayed home... or just hidden in a bin.

Today was School day!

And before I say that, let me make an observation. I realize, as I watched the doe-eyed kitten stare blankly around her at imaginary things, that she is much like a Prep child. So, 4-5 years old, just started school, learning about the big wide world. She falls over, makes up games, runs, plays, and is terribly, terribly distracted. Try and talk to her for too long and she'll be gazing off over your shoulders for something more interesting to watch.
And Mal? He's grade 4 or 5. He's got his head screwed on, can hold a good conversation, and is insanely proud of everything he does, and wants to tell you ALL about it (whenever either of us come home he gets his toy, usually one that squeaks, and wiggles himself into little balls of joy, showing you how well he can make it squeak.). He still plays, but in a more reserved way, and gets bored of the silly kittens antics pretty quick. He knows stuff, he takes commands.
She is currently chasing her tail. Point proven.
Maybe this is why I like younger kids. I can compare them to animals. HA!

This is how my animals help. I'm trying to put that foam underneath the fridge to stop Mia losing her toys under there... This picture could be typical of the little School though- Prep girl all up in your grill like: "Excuse me, Emily, um, what are you doing?? Um, can I help? What can I do?... Um, excuse me Emily, why are you putting all that under there???" And on and on... and meanwhile, goofy doofus-face is standing in the background telling you some story about some unrelated thing while peering over your shoulder to make sure whatever you're doing isn't interesting enough for him to want to be too involved, and also occasionally tapping you on the shoulder to get your attention again so he can continue his story.

That being said, I am really glad because I am really enjoying my days at the School. I'm still a socially awkward mess if it comes to meeting actual grownup people, but kids? Kids I can do. Which I still find bizzare. But I can see teaching- Primary Teaching - as something I'll enjoy. And it's exhausting. Ridiculously exhausting. But... I enjoy it. I love reading stories. I can't wait to have my own classroom and meetings and meditation and learning about maths.

That being said, today wasn't particularly fun... I did some interviews with two Prep kids for my maths assignment, which took a half our each... The girl I interviewed now keeps telling me how well she helped me learn to be a teacher. Then I ran errands because an integration aid was turning 50, and they needed tabbouleh. So I got the ingredients. Then I stapled balloons to the roof of the staff room, which took an hour.
At lunch, we were all in there, and some of the year 1/2 kids came in. I was nearest the door, and knowing them, I asked what the matter was.
"E. HAS HER LEG STUCK IN A CHAIR!" They cried. We ran to the classroom. Well... I sort of ran, then walked. After all, running causes more panic, which causes more commotion, which for kids convinced their friend is about to have her leg amputated cos it's stuck in a chair? Hm, not so hot.
A few of them entered the room before me, yelling:
And I'm thinking:
Uh... Sorry to disappoint, but not really. If this situation is beyond my capabilities, we're going to go get an ACTUAL teacher.
Anyway, by the time I got there she was free, but crying, cos, y'know, it hurts to have your leg stuck in a chair. But she was fine, and everyone was quite relieved.
I read a story to the Preps (love it. They're an awesome audience. Laughing at the appropriate places, exclaiming when something exciting happens, they're quiet, and interested, and sometimes, if it's especially interested, their mouths are open and they're leaning forward so they can see that much better.)... One of the grade 1/2 kids had gone missing, so E, the teacher, was looking for him. I felt a bit bad as I'd sort of ditched her after lunch, but they were going to have their school photos done, and I wanted to learn stuff, not do photos.
So there was a search party for this kid on while I read the story. It's not unusual for him to disappear, but this time they couldn't find him. A half hour later, and they did. He had hidden in a bin.
A bin of all places.
(Do you all say bin? Trash-can? But it was plastic...not a can.. with like.. a lid.)

Do you think I'm cut out for this? For finding kids who have hidden in bins? For kids who throw tantrums? Who cry because someone "took their seat"? I don't know. Probably not. But I suppose that's why I'm here, learning. So when this stuff comes up, in my classroom- when a kid disappears... I'll know to check the bins if I can't find him anywhere else. Don't know if any of the others from my course can say the same.

In the end it was a bit of a waste of a day. Apart from reading the story and helping some girls find 'A' words in magazines, I didn't really have 'class time' today... Plus I have crappy crappy period pain, but then, I did get homemade carrot cake, so maybe it all balances out.


  1. I hate period pain. I woke up this morning and asked C how I would ever get through labor if I can't even deal with my period without Advil!

    Your kitty is adorable, and I love the stories about school! I miss working with kids.

  2. gah! your kitty-inner-monologue is hilarious. our cats are JUST like that. "Can I be...just...exactly in the middle of what you're doing?" if i had even a DIME for every time the cats laid down on the computer to get my attention and closed out of whatever in-the-middle project i was in...i would probably have enough money to take a trip or something.