Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a few unrelated things

1. I went into a wedding dress store yesterday (whoops) while trying to waste time. It's on a high-end street with lots and lots of other wedding dress stores where the cheapest are usually about $3k. Ouch. This looked like the lower-end-of-the-high-end range, and I didn't want to buy anything, just try some not-floor-length dresses on if they had any. So I walked in, around, and started to head out- not having found anything. As I go to leave, the incredibly unhelpful (up to that point) sales girl (who probably didn't want to know me because I didn't have an appointment. Or something) asked me if she could help. I was literally one foot out the door by that point. I turn around.
"Probably not," I say, forcing a smile, "You don't have any non floor-length dresses, do you?" It was more a statement than a question.
She winced.
"Well, we might be getting one in, in a few months. That's the rumor, anyway!" As if this dress was some secret. "So, yeah, maybe you should check back in a few months, and we might have one. They're pretty hard to come by, but people keep asking about them..."
One dress. One fricken dress that they might have in a few months. Really? If people keep asking about them, isn't that a sign???
"Sure thing." I said, then left to go check out a non-wedding-dress-designer's store.

2. The other day I was in the University library. Our library is 3-storeys big. There's the ground floor, the underground floor, and the above ground floor. Understandably, the underground floor is quite dark and kind of library-like, but it needs a facelift. Old shelves, old books, books everywhere, on their sides, missing when you go to find them... brown shelves, brown dividers, drab, uninspiring. I'm saying that my library isn't so awesome. But all the teaching stuff is downstairs so that's where I end up. Being downstairs means very very slow mobile internet on my phone. I need to find some books, right? I'm in there 30 mins before class starts so I can find my books. The library has a few computer consoles scattered about where you can use the internet or log into the library site to search their catalog. It used to be restricted to just the library site.
At this point it's about 2.30pm, so most people should have gone home. But, no, every single computer was taken. And I'm ok with you taking the computer in the library, but don't be on Facebook. There's people hovering around so when someone leaves the computer, they can go on.
Don't be on Facebook. Go on the library website, find your damn book, and leave. If you want Facebook, go upstairs, take out your iphone (because everybody who's a Uni student has one. Or they have a phone with those capabilities, right?) and go on Facebook. This is an Academic Institution, people, with people trying to do real work and better themselves. I'm trying to learn to teach children how to read. If you don't let me get to a computer I won't be able to teach your children how to log onto Facebook and read status updates.

3. What's with drivers lately? Honestly. I'm driving the speed limit, right? I don't tend to speed, I like my license, and I like not being fined for something stupid like going 5km over the limit (3 miles. Yes, they will fine you for this). So I'm driving the speed limit somewhere, a road I know often has speed cameras, and some douche-bagging-douche-head is sitting on my tail. Um... dude, I'm not going to speed up just because you're trying to use some kind of twisted car-peer-pressure. Sorry. It's more hilarious when they get all antsy and you're on a 3 lane road, so they tailgate you for a while, then they VEER into the other lane (note for North Americans: In Australia, lane changes are slow and smooth. We were shocked, in the US, at how quickly people changed lanes. Here... you kind of drift across. We're a laid-back country, ok?), fly past.... and then get stopped next to you at the next set of lights. For all their swerving and tailgating, they never get much further ahead than you. Unfortunately I don't think they realize it.
Then there's the kids who have been driving with their parents from 16-18 and have just gotten onto a license by themselves. So now they're all hardcore, and they're doing this same stuff because they have friends in the car, and they're pretty cool. Is this not problematic? They might have been solo for like, a year, and now they're like a rally driver. Right.

This video just makes me want to die a little on the inside. This girl is what, like 13? And she's signing about having designer jeans. There's. More. Important. Things. In. Life. Than. Your. Jeans. Get. Over. Yourself.
And don't get me started on that Friday song.
I grew up listening to Pink Floyd (thanks, parents!), Genesis, Phil Collins, the Beatles (I am not this old, my parents just loved it), and ok, when I was a tween, I liked Hanson. But even they weren't singing about jeans.

*muttergrumbledamnkidsthesedays* I feel like I should be shaking a cane and grumbling in a croaky old lady voice.

And that, everyone, is my rant. And really, it's a lot more ranty than I intended, and I'm really not that peeved off, but, y'know.  Off to Uni for that literacy class, so I can continue to learn how to teach kids to read Facebook.

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  1. Yeah short dresses!!!

    This made me giggle and snuggle down into my chair.