Friday, March 25, 2011

sneezing all over our love...

Ok, sorry for the lame title. I was trying to think of something appropriate, like a song lyric, but it didn't happen.

I've been really snuffly and sneezy lately, and I can't really blame it on the weather because it's autumn (no seeds, no flowers, just one big shaggy shedding dog getting his fur ready for winter), and I can't blame the kids for giving me a cold because I'm doing these cartoon-style astronomical sneezes... I figure I shouldn't do things in halves, here. If I'm going to sneeze, might as well make it a good one, get it over and done with quickly, y'know? I'm not one of those people who makes a little noise and squeezes their eyes closed.

Are you the cause of all my problems, Mia Miss Meow!?

Anyway, I'm thinking of what on earth could be making it so bad... and I look down at my little purring lap-warmer, who looks back up at me, and winks. I mean, she often winks, this isn't unusual (though it is weird)... but I thought: Oh lord, what if she's losing her kitten fur, and getting adult fur, and I'm allergic to her?
Because I am allergic to cats, and dogs, and horses.
My Mum, growing us up on a hobby farm, decided that the best way to deal with her two asthmatic children with allergies was just to have cats, and dogs, and horses, and figure we'd get over it. And I did, to a degree. I fell asleep on the futon with the fur of Mallei's ears up my nose (we were cuddling). I kiss the kitten all over because she's soft and smells interesting (unless Mallei has been licking her. Mmmhm, slobberfur). I don't have problems with my own animals. Other people's animals? Yeah, usually. Especially if they're not clean, or if they're really furry. But not mine.
But maybe I'm allergic to our kitten!!!
And she's dropping her kitten fur to grow real-cat fur, and she's making me sneeze!!

Also, unrelated... I'm having weird thoughts lately, and I'm going to blame being around some adorable kids at the School. Like, kids with big sad eyes who tell me twice about how their chickens got eaten by foxes, and who get called "Hugamachine", and who have shy little grins, and who make winches out of cardboard rolls for their emergency-service truck, and who can read the Australian vet website at 6 years old, and who still believe in the tooth-fairy... And I think that, for the first time in my life, I'm feeling a little clucky. And it's terrifying. I don't want kids. I don't get babies. I don't understand the whole going 'ga-ga' (ha, ha. Funny stuff) over babies. They look weird and they slobber. I think this is very bad, people. We don't want kids. We want animals, and we want to travel, and we want to have money to blow on said travel, and yes, maybe you can do that with a kid, or two, or whatever, but this isn't the dream we have. So me, thinking: Well, maybe young kids are fun, and wouldn't it be nice to read to a kid at night? Is terrifying. Absolutely. Terrifying.

I'm gonna cuddle my kitten now and hope it goes away.

I love this. Mallei looks so guilty, like he's just been caught in the act. Classic!


  1. i can't believe how tight your dog + cat are. that is awesome. i have terrible allergies too and i think it has something to do with my cats...yikes. i hope it clears up, lady.

  2. Lizzie, they l-o-v-e each other, to a crazy extend. I suspect Mallei gets sick of her cleaning his face sometimes, but... yeah. I think it helped that she was a pretty fearless kitten and he grew up from a puppy with a grumpy adult cat. Once he got over the fact that she was small and weird, and she got over the fact that he was big and kinda orange, they got on like a house on fire. Maybe your cats are shedding in preparation for ... spring? (Mental calculation being done there) Allergies suck, hey?

  3. Awww, I hope your kitty isn't the reason!!!

    We're about to get a dog and I'm terrified that the dog will terrify the cat, who has just come out of her shell for the first time in her four years of life since she's in a house that is all hers.