Tuesday, March 8, 2011

centenial post... part 2!

So, I worked my butt off you guys.
I stopped at 1pm for a lunch of eggs and toast. Yum.
Then I was back to it.
Then Nic came home and we went to Bunnings because I had to buy plants (of course).
And he has decided that we need a futon in there so he can come in and hang out because it wasn't the Middle-Eastern-Shisha-Smoking-Hangout-Den that he had envisaged from my original post (go figure) but that it was just an Office. Em's office where Nic could iron clothes but nothing else.
So, futon, cushions and maybe something on the big red wall of empty and I think it'll be awesome.
At the moment, the picture frame is empty but it's there for effect.
So, I present, the finished product of a day's labor:
My God, you can actually see the floor.

So, it may or may not work, but at least it's a space with plants, and photos, and it doesn't have my back to the door (yuck) and I can look out the window and there is a spare, empty wall with an ironing board against it there, for a futon, you just can't actually see it at the moment.
My prediction for how long the clean will last? Not very. But you have to start somewhere, right?

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