Tuesday, March 22, 2011

study + kittens = procrastination.

I'm taking on a very audacious project this week. I'm not sure if audacious is the right word, but when I tried to find synonyms for 'gutsy', not much came up, so I'm wondering if that's Aussie slang or something.
So I'm trying to finish an assignment by this weekend, when it's not due for about 3 weeks. It's a straightforward assignment that involves me researching vegetable gardening programs that go to schools, and the benefits of being educated while outdoors. Totally up my alley. Which is making it easy. Which is always nice.
So, this is how I study:
Fairly terribly picture quality taken indoors with light on & blinds closed. Well done, Em.

Yes. The kitten is the most distracting factor in this whole equation, and yes, I still have a blank picture frame. I stupidly got it from Ikea expecting to be able to get photos printed out to fit, but apparently nobody in shops prints photos that size. And I haven't been bothered finding somewhere online to do it.

But really... what would you prefer? Reading stinky academic papers, or head bumps and tummy-scratching a kitten? She's even looking after my glasses.
Also... we've started calling her Mia. (Though secretly I like the spelling Miya, I think people would be inclined to say My-a instead of Mee-a).

Also, I designed our potluck/engagement party/games night invites yesterday. We'll send them tonight, since it's in just under 2 weeks time. It'd be nice to push it out another week but that Sunday is m... wait, the reason we had isn't a reason any more! It'll be my brother's birthday but even if he has a party he won't invite me, and since we've decided not to invite family to our shindig, it doesn't matter if I have a party on his birthday weekend. Sa-weet!

Anyway, here it is. A bit wacky, but that's us.

Yeah, click on it to see the bigger version with the actual words and stuff.

I think I've procrastinated enough now. Back to the thing I was doing.

(Edit: Ambitious is the word I was looking for. You know when it's not even that unusual of a word but it just alludes you? I knew it started with an A, at least. Also, it was too ambitious... I sort of changed the second half of my whole assignment in a way that meant I had to do a heap more research and reading... which may just be my super creatively lame way of procrastinating from actually writing the damn thing, but that's ok. Also I think I'm going to ride to Nic's work in about an hour and meet him when he finishes, then go to the gym. Procrastinating by exercise? Well, you can't tell me not to keep fit. So there.)

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