Tuesday, March 8, 2011

centenial post...!

You guys, this is my 100th post!

I was standing in the shower racking my brains over something cool to do. Do I start some kind of feature? No ideas there. Then I remembered I'd forgotten about Favourite-Things-Monday (which, by the way, I think needs a better title) so I might do that after I do this.
Then I began thinking of the fact that later I have to do some study for Uni (in the first week?! Yes, I am that much of an awesome student. A colleague from Uni already feels deep, deep shame because I've read an article and she has not.) and my heart sank.
I thought aboot going in to the so-called 'Office' (or, more fondly: the pile-of-shit room) and it depressed me.
And I thought: Well hell, how am I going to do study when I can't bring myself to a) clean the room of my own accord, or b) go in there. I certainly can't do an entire year's worth of work with the laptop on my lap (especially with macs and their sharp edges which after a while make your wrists look like that of an emo teenager. Anyone with a mac knows what I'm talking about.)
And then I thought; I need to clean that damned room!
And then....! I thought, what better motivation than a before-and-after picture. And what if I do it properly, like, not just clean up, but actually make that space part of our house. Like, put a plant in there (I love having plants. My house would be a jungle, given half the chance. No kidding. Nic has to drag me away from the indoor fern section at Bunnings (uh, I guess same as Home Depot...? Maybe?) and Ikea every time we go), and photos, and not just cram the bookshelf full of the random nick-nacks that I don't really like, but put some of the things I do like in there as well.
So, I present to you....
The before shot.

And before I show it to you, you have to understand that the door to this room stays closed. All the time. If we have a random-thing-which-has-no-home, it usually goes in here. Clothes that have lived on the floor too long in the bedroom and need to be hung up in the office wardrobe (we have small closets) get biffed in here when they've reached their I-can't-be-bothered-putting-it-away time. Papers, paid bills, receipts, bank statements pile up on the dining room table, and when guests come over, they get put in this room. It is not a conducive space for anything, because nothing we like is in there.
My mission for today is to make this space nice. I will walk to Bunnings today if I have to (Ok so it's like 1.5km away, I should stop making it seem like a big deal), and, I will try and make the mattress into some sort of hanging-out area, which may require another trip to Ikea, and since I don't have a car right now that may have to wait until Friday, BUT... the plans will be in motion.
After I have done as much as I can of this today, I will post a photo of it and you will be (hopefully) AMAzED at the transformation.
Because, you see, if I don't do anything... if I just sit here typing away (and you can tell I've extended this post far more than I need to already - active procrastination) or go bake some cookies (.... hmm... not a bad idea... NO, EM! BAD!), then, this evening, I'll have to just post another picture of a messy room that is horrible and nobody wants to go in to.
So please know that this level is messiness is not typical of our household. We are not this bad. This is just limited to this room. And by this afternoon, all things going to plan, and Incubus having blasted through my B&O speakers, we shall have this pile-o-shit no more.

Yes, this is truly the place where things go to die.
Wish me luck.

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  1. Hey at least your pile-of-crap room is pretty big, ours has all the same crap but in a room about half the size. It's a constant struggle to keep it semi-usable. Good on you for taking it on!