Friday, March 11, 2011

liken me to einstein.

I am a genius.
No doubt about it.

 Dr. Mallei in one of his less flattering moments. And this isn't a Dr. Mallei column.

Please read the above with sarcasm.
You know sometimes you do or say something so dumb that you wonder how you've gotten as far in life as you have?
And ok, my story could be worse, but I was pretty bummed out by the whole thing.
So today, I had class from 1-3pm. I planned it out- I was going to cycle in, and cycle home. I researched where the showers on campus are, I packed my bag. I postponed eating lunch because I was leaving at like, 11.50 and so had HEAPS of time to make the 30-40 minute ride in, shower, and eat.
As I was having a quick shower in the morning, I chuckled to myself as I played an imaginary scenario in my head: Imagine if I rode all the way to Uni, only to realise I'd left my bike lock at home! Dun dun dunnnn... and then, what would I do? Maybe I'd ask some random at the bike lock area if I could lock my bike to theirs and they could tell me the code because they already have one bike- why would they need to steal mine?
Or maybe, I thought, I'd just turn around and go home. Depends how far I'd come.
So as I said, my bag was packed- my helmet had already been attached to it, gloves and sunnies were inside the bag, all set to go.
I pushed off.
No major mishaps on the way in, feeling pretty spiffy in some new running shorts I'd bought, went a little faster on the gravel section of the bike trail than I usually do... Got to about, I dunno, 700 meters to a km away from Uni, and started prepping my mind for the task ahead- pull in, lock up bike, sho---.... wait...

I left my lock at home.
I'd friggen thought about it not an hour before I'd left and how utterly stupid you'd have to be to forget it...
And here I was, having just sailed down a hill (which I ended up cycling back up, thanks), suddenly realising that I was all of 5 minutes away from Uni, without a lock. With no way of securing my nice, shiny new bike, at a University full of poor students from the Eastern suburbs. I thought about going to Property & services, and seeing if I could get a temporary swipe card to their bike cage thingie, but decided that they'd be mean and wouldn't give me one, and anyway, once it was in the bike cage, anyone could steal it from there anyway!! So, at the 8.something kilometer mark, I turned around, peddled back up the damn hill, and went home.

Which, of course, took me 40 minutes (and gave me a new RunKeeper record, schweet), but meant that I was about 40 minutes late to class.
Which would have been ok, (maybe?) because I thought it was a 3 hour class- it's an Arts class, it has to be 3 hours long right?
No dice.
So I get to the class 40 minutes late, and an hour and 10 later, we're packing up and going home.
Now I have a very depressive dog who is desperate to go for a walk. He keeps poking his head, very slowly, and very sadly, around the corner of the door.
I'm like, the worst dog parent ever.
Also I think my kitten's back legs are too long for the rest of her/longer than her front legs.
It's weird.
Now she's rolling in the sun. LUXURIOUSLY.
Oh well, no matter how much of an un-genius I feel, she can always make me feel better by becoming completely enraptured (nice word, hey?) with a spot on the wall, absolutely convinced that it's alive.
(and now, incase you're enjoying the running commentary, she's pulling herself along the carpet with her front feet, while laying on her side. Like she's laid down, and it's just way too much effort to get her kitteny body up on all 4 feet again.)

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  1. I've been doing stuff like this wayyy too much lately. Like the other night, we drove 20 minutes to a store to return something, only to be unable to because I forgot to bring my wallet (they needed my credit card to do the return). And I actually think this possibility occurred to me BEFORE leaving the house. I felt like such an idiot.