Wednesday, March 9, 2011

favourite things pt 3.

I forgot to do my favourite things on monday!
I also forgot to do Dr. Mallei on Saturday even though I do have an email in my inbox for him (btw, I want more. MORE! em.mallei [at] gmail [dot] com.), so clearly I'm forgetting everything.
So, I thought I'd try and make up some favourite things now, even though it's Wednesday afternoon, and who needs a pick-me-up on Wednesday arvo- we're more than halfway through the week, yo! But regardless, it'll count as happening on Monday.
Even though it didn't.
Usually I have some of these pre-prepared and I just add a couple more on as I go. I don't really have any ready so I'm flying by the seat of my pants.
Here goes.
    • Plants in my house. I think we all know this one now.
    • Reya, sitting on bags. Seriously, if there's a bag, she'll sit on it. Big hiking backpack? Best place to nap. 'Green' reusable shopping bag? Both sleeping place and toy. If she's ever lost, we'll find her, on a bag. 
    • Getting to the top of a hill on my bike. ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!!
    • Being a 2nd year Masters student in a class full of 1st years. Knowing the names of theorists and theories, knowing what their assignments are going to be, and what their first round of practicum is going to look like. Knowing what VELS and Social-constructivism and Student-centered learning all mean, and believing or criticizing those things appropriately. In other words, feeling superior to the newbies, hahaha.
    • Giggling, every time, when Nic says: "My wife". Not that I am his wife (yet), and not because I'm going to be his wife, but because he says it in a stupid accent- "My wufe." That's probably the closest I can think of phonetically. "My wufe." It makes me laugh every time.
There we go. 5 is a good number.
Back at the School tomorrow, I think I'll aim to spend some time with the year 1/2 class- small enough to still have fun, big enough to (maybe) not cry when somebody annoys somebody else. I think the kitten is perplexed and confused by the iron.... sidetracked. Is it bad though, I want to ditch whichever class I end up in and tack on with the year 5/6s again when they go to their sign language class, cos I want free sign language lessons?
It's probably bad, and I probably shouldn't.

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