Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i'm not cut out to be a housewife..

Middle of the week.
Three-quarters of the way through my Centrelink-imposed-holiday.
2 weekdays and a weekend to go before I have to start seriously thinking about readings, and study, and buying uni books, and finding my pencil-case and/or getting a new one.
So far this week I've managed to:
-Volunteer to vaccuum
-Volunteer to make a pie (wtf)
-Volunteer to plant stuff.
-Volunteer to make granola & granola bars (did this, yesterday)
-Volunteer to clean the office. It's our "pile-of-shit-room", and I really need to make it nice so I feel inclined to write assignments.
-Get asked to put washing on (two loads, done)
-Get asked to clean up after aforementioned granola-making festival.
I feel like there was a lot more on this list but I don't remember what else there was.
Progress so far:
-Granola & bars made.
-Washing done, 1 load hung out.
-Dishwasher on.
-Stuff planted.
-Nap taken.
-An hour or so spent staring into space while the kitten slept with her paw on my face.
-Cycled 14.4 km (8.9 miles) in 47 mins this morning (by the way, anybody on here have RunKeeper??? Want to be on my street team, for awesome motivation and peering at stats and so on? I'm there as Orimallei. Also if you would like to play Words with friends, next time I'm stuck under a kitten, you can also add me, as Orimallei).
-Fixed Nic's bike (well, the guys at the shop did, but I had to walk there).
-Made, then ate chicken soup.
-Watched the animals playing.
-Learned how to spell exercise (this one's been bugging me for a long time. It wasn't necessary (HA) that I spell exercise (TAKE THAT), but I did.)
-Read a lot of blogs. Added some new ones to my reader. Peered at my reader hoping one of my favourites updated.

So, does anybody notice the distinct lack of actual cleaning things, or things that were on my task list? I mean, looking at it written out it doesn't look so bad, and the point of being home is to stare into space and play iphone games mostly, right?
But my point is, is that once I did get around to cleaning the house (hypothetically), I'd then be so bored our of my brains that I think I'd exercise myself into oblivion.
Or just write a hundred million blog posts. Though the one I wrote yesterday was too depressing and whiny, hence why it didn't show up here.
And that, friends, is why I'd be no good at being a housewife, and I hope to get a hundred WWF (not world wide fund, or world wrestling federation... argh!) requests.
Here is a picture, from yesterday's productive day, when I napped, and then stared into space until my arm felt like it might have been going numb (I am super weird about this. I don't know if it's just me, but I hate it. If I feel like my arm/leg/hand/whatever is going numb, I have to move. Even if it isn't. Even if it's just a slight inkling of numb... I think maybe I picture the circulation being completely stopped to that appendage, and therefore it turning black and falling off. While I'm asleep. Or busy staring into space. Numb=NO!)*
I wasn't asleep, since I took the picture. But it looked nicer than me zoning off like a zombie.

*I just realized that this post may have turned into a rambly pile of crap. Well, maybe I'll get some more street team ppl, or WWF people, which can't hurt. Unless y'all stalk me through my maps and stuff. Hmmmmmm....

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