Thursday, March 17, 2011

reya -> mia?

So, last night I was watching the kitten play, and quite often she'll prop herself up on her back legs with her fat little buddha belly sticking out, and wave her paws around in the air. The pose reminds me of a meerkat.
And I said:
"Awwww. We should have called her Mia and then she could have been Mia-cat". Now, remember I'm Australian. My number one tip for imitating an Australian accent is to drop the 'unnecessary' r's out of words (unless followed by a vowel. Sort of like the French and when their words end in 's'). Here are some examples: Sweater -> sweata. Words -> weuds (wow, this is haada (harder) than I would have thought)
Hea's (here's) another (keep the r here) example:
Meerkat -> Meea-cat.
See where I'm going with this?
Meea-cat -> MIA CAT.

So now we're seriously considering changing her name to Mia. It's not like she knows Reya- we always call her 'Miss' anyway.
But think of the possibilities. Not only can she bee Mia-cat (Meerkat, remember), she can also be Miss Mia Meow (gotta love alliteration) and she can also be M.I.A, for when she disappears in the house somewhere. Right? Right?! Nobody remembers we've called her Reya anyway so people we know aren't going to be confused or think we're (more) weird...

What do you think?

Reya, or Mia? Or Miya!?

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