Monday, January 31, 2011

some wedding details I love...

So I stumbled across this amazing wedding on GreenWeddingShoes, which I only go on so very occasionally.
There are so many details I love- these two photos for one thing..
bridal party photos in the woods
Check it out. It's awesome.
And then as I went further and further into the post, it got more and more awesome.

Then there were these: Jam favors (an idea Nic and I love), and terraniums, with plastic things in them! As centrepieces! And apparently at the end of the night, only 5 or the 14 were left.
wedding details

I love that they used aqua throughout as well, as it's my favourite colour. ;) Also the wood cut numbers? Awesome. But I so, SO love the terraniums and I think they are amazing and I want to make them. I want to have many many tables just so I can make many of them and have them with like, plastic dinosaurs in them and ponies.
And sparkly awesome times.

But wait, there's more.
Not only do you get all this awesome... you get a free set of steak knives!
Not really. But there is more awesome.


Look! So I'm not so hot on the streamers or whatever in the background but the actual pieces of trees that the cakes are on (now, imagine PIES up there instead) and the moss and it's like a little forest of cake and awesome!

wedding details
Look!! This is a different wedding now, but from the same site. They used their dogs as a logo! And it was on their invites (I think) and on their guest book and everywhere!!! I love it! Also, their dog threw up during the ceremony, which I find hilarious because I can so see Mallei doing something similar. Reckon we can have a Mallei/Reya logo? Is that a bit much? Are we living through our pets?!?!?!?

Funny story, though.
Just before I started writing this post I was thinking about wedding blogs that are successful. And they're the ones that put up lots of pictures of people's weddings and comment on how sparkly and pretty they are and people go ooh, ahhh... and visit them. And me, I babble on about stuff and occasionally show some pictures of stuff I like. And I thought: You know, I'm doing it my way. Cos it's a blog about me, and my wedding, and life, and whatever, and not a blog about other people's weddings (at least not right now) and if I were to start trying to do that to get more visitors, it wouldn't be what my blog is.
So, appologies, although it's still not a whole wedding, but the bits I really really like. So I think that's ok. And this was originally a blog about a wedding. So here's some wedding... stuff.

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