Thursday, January 13, 2011

chirp chirp chirp...

This morning I learnt something... Learned...? Whatever.

This morning I learned that I don't think Nic can hear cicadas. Which seems insane because in summer they make up 80% of the ambient noise, with birds hidden between.
Last night we'd gone for a walk, and I tried explaining the differences between cricket noise, and cicada noise. (Here's a cicada)(I can't find one of crickets because it just wants to give me the game, but not the bug. They sound like someone's blowing a whistle, sort of). Here we go!

So we're laying in bed this morning- no cricket noises, since it's day time, and I hear cicadas. Eager to prove that I do know what they are and that I will educate him, I gesture to the window. "Hear that!? That's a cicada!"
He listens.
Looks puzzled.
"That's a bird."
"No, the erk-erk-erk sound. I can't even hear the damned bird you're talking about."
Cicadas chirp away merrily in the background.
"Nope, I can only hear a bird."
And then it dawns on me that maybe he can't hear the cicadas, cos they're at the wrong frequency or something, and I can't hear the birds because all the cicada noise drowns them out! And I realise that we are living in very different worlds sometimes. Though, his may be decidedly more pleasant since he gets birds. I get ugly noisy bugs.

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