Saturday, January 1, 2011

saving the date...

Now that we have a date, I know the wedding is still not for many, many months, however! I figure now is the time to start really planning and thinking and getting STDs ready (that always sounds so wrong) and what not...
So I wanted to do something a little different then just a random card.. something 'us'... And I saw this..

And then like, putting a magnet on the back so people can put it on their fridge.

Pretty. cool. stuff.

Plus Nic likes it! and I like him. So, this is promising. Just have to figure out where to print them, and how much that will cost. ;)

Must getting 'wedsite' spiffed up so we can put the address on there too and also think about how we want it to look. Maybe something with a piece of pie, or one with a book, or OOOO.... involving Reya and/or Mal (ie: Mal holding sign in his mouth... TOTALLY plausible I tell you!!!)

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