Wednesday, January 12, 2011

business is not my business....

So I have a business idea.

I've always wanted my own business, somewhere deep down inside of me. Ideas have always presented themselves, but I certainly haven't had a) the 'right idea', b) the moxy, c) the money or d) the strength to actually go and do something about it.
Plus someone always seems to have the market.

But this... this is something that to me, seems so obvious, but from my recent experience, doesn't exist in Melbourne, or Australia. I'm comparing the idea to a store in the US, where they're crazy-successful, BUT, they have 3 times the population we do... still, I can't be the ONLY person who wants this thing... And I want to be super-secrets cos I'm super-paranoid even though like, 0 people read this....
It would be catering to people on a budget, like me, who don't want to shop online, like me. So budget is tough, cos you'll probably be making only small profits, but hey, my Great-Grandpa started a plastics business, whch my Grandpa took over, and from each meter of plastic, they made a couple of cents profit. They made millions by cents. So, if you're smart, that might not matter so much.

My concern is, I'm training to be a teacher, not a business person. Nic has a degree in politics and emergency response/planning/management... I think he'd be awesome with logistics, maybe after getting some help from my Dad (trained in logistics)... my brother is studying advertising, so that would be a good help, and my family on Mum's side has a good, solid background in business. But Nic and I are terrible with numbers, so things like budgeting, accounting... really tough. Things like knowing markets, and negotiating real-estate, and all those annoying businessy things like profit margins and ... well, I was trying to think of more business-y terms but I've run out already -- THAT shows how little I know!
And then I begin to doubt, and wonder if the reason that this particular thing is successful in the US is because they have a much higher population...

Must do research. Time to put together a survey for various sites. ;)

This will be Nic if we fail at business. ;)

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