Sunday, October 23, 2011

water spray: 6, Darcy: 0

Darcy just turned 6 months old.
I think he's going through that super-annoying teenage phase.
I vaguely recall it happening to Mia, but for her it was more about trying to escape out the back door than much else that was too annoying. Maybe I've blocked it out of my mind, I'm not sure.
This morning I was woken up at 6.30 (it's Sunday, by the way) by a rattly mouse being played with. On the bed.
Then he was trying to destroy our poor fern, so I had to get out of bed so I could stop him (the fern is already missing half its leaves because they've been bitten off).
So I'm sitting here in clear view of this plant, and an electrical wire that runs along the floor nearby... and Darcy INSISTS on going back and trying to either- play with the fern, eat the fern, play in the dirt of the fern's pot, or playing with the electrical wire.
We have a water-bottle spray system that worked quite well for Mia, where if she did something naughty, she'd get sprayed. She doesn't tend to be too naughty now, at least while we're around.
Unfortunately, although Darcy runs off, he's been sprayed 6 times for fern-related offences this morning, and keeps going back for more. I don't think the spray has the same effect on him as it does on Mia.
So, I'm hoping he goes through this period quickly and becomes a lovely and friendly and cuddly cat. Stupid teenage phase! There's a reason I don't want to teach high-school kids!

In other news, Mallei ate cat poo last night.
What is wrong with our animals?????

(also, sorry this blog has become all about the animals, but my life is animals, and applying for jobs. I have 12 government/public primary school teaching jobs to apply for next week, and the same again the week after. SO much fun.)

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