Tuesday, October 11, 2011

holy bananas....


Long time no see y'all.
I'm writing this as a tentative 'I might be back a bit more' thing because, I might. I'm about to graduate from my Masters, but theoretically won't have a 'real job' till term 1 next year (school starts in Feb down under) so will have plenty of time to kill between now and then AND, since I won't have assignments due any more (cue cheers), I won't have to worry about writing them, and having them sap my energy.


I suppose the best place to start is a bit of a recap of the last, oh, 3 and a half months.

  • One assignment to go, then the teaching degree is DONE. Hurrah.
  • I was on rounds for 5 weeks, and solidified my opinion that primary school kids are awesome, particularly from grade 2-5. 
  • While I was on rounds, I was tired, and subsequently stopped exercising. And put on weight. Whoops. 
  • Nic and I booked a trip to NZ! For 2 weeks, from mid December. Because, what else do you do if you haven't been working for a year and have no money? Travel solves everything. It should be awesome. We're whitewater rafting, kayaking, horse riding, caving/tubing, hot-springing, glacier-walking, camping... Shyeah. 
  • The little yawning fuzzball at the top? We adopted him nearly 2 months ago from an animal shelter. We just felt like Mia was lonely, particularly if Nic and I wanted to go away for the weekend and leave Mal with a friend... So we searched high and low, and here was this little non-descript black kitten in the shadows of a lower cage... I had a kitten test by this point- they had to be happy to be held, sit on my lap, but play if we razzed them. So I took him out... purring and kneading my arm when held. Good start. Laid on my lap and purred like crazy. Excellent. Figured out he was in a room worth exploring, began zooming and climbing things. Awesome. So we took him home, called him Darcy. He makes me laugh. He's kind of like 'my cat' cos he's a mummy's boy, and he's friendly... and Mia's kind of like 'Nic's cat' because she's more 'cat-like' and aloof. 

  • Darcy is awesome.
  • Nic and I have also decided to push the wedding date back to April 2013 (which makes the title of the blog relevant again, YAY). My god, you guys, this is going to be the longest engagement on the face of the earth (2.5 years. Ouch). BUT, we figured, if we were going to have it in November next year, we'd need to be booking a venue now (still have no idea, and no money), thinking about STDs for overseas people (no money, no venue), and, y'know, getting our shit together. Evidently it's not going to happen BUT, it means I should, in theory, have been working for a year and a half, and therefore we should be able to afford the damn thing, if we don't decide to just run off to the mountains in some pretty country and elope in the meantime, which is still a possibility. So, this blog will officially be not-so-much-about-getting-married, probably, and more-about-being-a-new-teacher. 
  • I stopped running because I got frustrated at the fact that getting to 5km was ALWAYS a challenge for me. I'd get there once, and it would be ok, and it'd near kill me to do it again. Plus I seem to get injured, somehow, every time I try and do some sort of exercise. Even walking. It's stupid. And frustrating. So, I did week 1 of the Couch to 5km today. I'm going to try and build it up again. I'll keep you posted. 
  • Over the last couple of weeks, Nic and I have gone a bit music-mad, particularly for Indie/folk stuff, particularly -Australian- indie/folk stuff, which is weird. But somehow we managed to get tickets for 'Boy and Bear' on the 24th of November, 'Oh Mercy' on the 25th November, then our close friends' engagement party is on the 26th, then we have 'Seeker Lover Keeper' in a church on the 28th November. So, on Tuesday, we will be dead. But YAY live music. 
  • Random picture of pets:
  • We might get married at the Melbourne Zoo~!! We haven't been to see it yet, so Nic isn't convinced. 

Ok... So I'm fairly certain I was going to say something else about the wedding/marriage thing but I don't remember what it is now. I'm going to go try and get some more progress done on my science assignment (GAG SCIENCE), and I'll try and keep motivated to post here!! Because I should.

Last animal picture for fun, though it kind of makes me want to nap.


  1. Your fuzzball is adorable. I've stopped exercising too. Blargh. How are you feeling about the wedding pushback? I totally see how it makes sense!

    HUZZAH HOORAY AND OTHER CHEERS for graduating with your masters!!!! HUGE.

  2. Hi Jo!!!
    He is adorable, but very naughty. ;) I'm feeling ok. In a way it's a bit frustrating cos we've already been engaged for a year, but in another way it's like: Meh, we're not in any hurry, it makes sense, it's so much less stressful, and we'll have money by that point... Plus we both wanted an autumn wedding originally so... yay! :)