Monday, October 24, 2011

every day i'm shufflin'

Last night was the wedding of my cousin - I mentioned it in an earlier post. Here's my thoughts:
The ceremony, conducted by a rabbi in a synagogue was funny. Like, best rabbi ever. A sweet ceremony, where they didn't dwell on the formalities, but cracked jokes. I also am weirdly attracted to blessings/things being sung rather than said. I missed the couple sharing vows (particularly since my cousin, the bride, didn't say anything during 'their' speech either) as I reckon it's probably really sweet when they're written by each other, but it was still lovely.
The reception was full, and it was a bit out of order from what normally happens (opening with drinks on the patio, then the traditional Jewish dance, which was omg so much fun and went on forever... but my mother and I circled, stood on people's feet, spun, got trampled by the guys, got hot and sweaty and sore feet, and kept going and going. I told Nic I want it. If I want anything that harks back to whatever Jewishness I can claim, I want that dance.
Then entree, then speeches, then dinner by 9 (finally!), then dancing. Oh, lord, the dancing. I got Nic up and we danced. Then Mum came up and she dances like Elaine from Seinfeld (bit uncoordinated), but I shook my booty, shuffled to that LMFAO song, had Nic in hysterics, and well, felt like I looked pretty damn fine.
I also spoke with my brother (he's 3 years younger than me) more than I think I have in the last, I dunno, 20 years. I may have convinced him to come meet Darcy and then for us to all go and get pancakes but I'm not sure if he's ready to accept that being friends/close with your sister isn't that uncool, and that I might actually be fun to hang out with sometimes.
But oh, the dancing. I quickly switched from wedges (ladies, I don't wear heels. Like, ever. Not even small ones. I rarely wear ballet flats. So, the fact that I stayed in wedges for a good few solid hours including dancing is a feat (ha. ha. get it? because i'm talking about shoes) to comfortable shoes.

It's all made me sort of question (as weddings are wont to do) what we want from ours. Dancing was such a blast- my cousin barely left the dance floor. So maybe there is a re-evaluation in needing to spend money on setting that up- either with a DJ or a band... instead of an ipod... That being said, the atmosphere with 300 people is going to be remarkably different to the atmosphere with 50 people.
Then I think about running away and getting married, but I think I'd like to have the party. I think... when we have a location set, it'll be easier. I'll know what kinds of invites to look for, dresses, etc...
I was talking to Nic about the ZOO the other day again (shouldn't the word zoo be all in capitals. Anyone?) and coming up with some great animal puns that could go on our invites if we got married there. [warning: puns ahead]

How about these:
We couldn't bear for you to miss it!
You'll have a roaringly good time.
Come and see us seal the deal!
We ain't lion, it's going to be great!
It'll be wild!
Don't monkey around, come to our wedding!
Don't be a cow, come to our wedding (ah ha. Ok so there aren't cows in the zoo, whatever.)
We'll have a whale of a time (no whales either, whatever, don't care).
Come join Nic & Em for a beary special event.
Come and see the mane event at our wedding.

And so on.
And so forth.
On that note, it's certainly time for bed now. I've exhausted my brains trying to remember/think of those puns. Definitely need to organise a trip to the zoo sometime soon to see if I can put any of them into action.

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