Friday, December 24, 2010

actually something related to a wedding!

Oo, a wedding-related update! Keeping in mind my tendency to trail into tangents at a moment's notice and end up writing about the kitten (who, by the way, is just fricken adorable)(and about whom I get mocked regularly because apparently I was a self-proclaimed cat-hater... I would argue I never went that far, more that I just prefer dogs... I'm more a dog person than a cat person, but hey, my kitten seems about as close to a dog as I could hope. Does she wrestle with Mallei, despite his 200% difference in weight? Why yes, yes she does. Does she kamakazee fearlessly into everything? Yup. Is she unflinching when we drop something noisy or sneeze? Sure is. And at the same time, is she cat enough? Lap sleeping- check (and neck, shoulder, chest, shins...), purring (LOUD)- check, leaping- check, riding around on our shoulders like a parrot? check. In all, she's awesome, moving on). Also, apologies for my extended use of parentheses (I know them as brackets, but parentheses sounds more fancy, despite the fact that I had to look up the term to make sure I wasn't going to look a fool).

Moving on to the actual point of this post (and hidden so Nic won't read it accidentially. Yes, that means stop now, love.)

I read a blog, or article, or suggestion... whatever... the other day, about a 'last dance'. Yes, Nic doesn't like to dance, and convincing him that a first dance is an awesome idea was difficult, but this is different. So, the idea is that everybody leaves to see us off. Whatever that's called. IF we do that... and then we stay inside with the photographer and play one last song, to which we dance together. Alone. And it seems like such an amazing, perfect ending to the whole shebang, so intimate and awesome. I'm wanting to keep it as a secret/surprise but I love the idea so damn much that I want to tell him. I figure he'll probably forget anyway but it'll spoil my fun. Or maybe I should tell. Hmmm.. and I have a song in mind, maybe. But on the note of looking a fool, I'm not sure how to interpret the lyrics. I wouldn't want to have a last dance to what's basically a break up song. That would be problematic. Song and lyrics here. Sara Bareilles- one of our favorites.

Also I read a whole thread on IndieBride, I think, about the awesomeness of pies at a wedding. Pies aren't typical in Australia in any case, much less at weddings, so I think that'll be a win.

Christmas tomorrow. Nic sent me a Christmas card in the mail! He's adorably sweet. I put it on top of the bookshelf. I'd get up to say hi when he gets home (soon) but Reya has just settled in on my chest again. I'm comfortable.

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