Friday, January 27, 2012

health & fitness.... & badges.

I've gone a bit exercise mad lately...
I'm still on holidays until mid next week, so that's part of it, trying to get as much in as I can before school starts, riding 'the high' of exercise endorphins, and hoping they'll motivate me to keep going once I'm exhausted from teaching...
And I'm sore- I'm sore and I know my body is asking for a break, but I'm kind of hooked. For once, I'm feeling leaner, looking like I can see muscles in my arms start to appear, doing complicated side-planks with relatively little difficulty, upping my weights in pump classes, doing two classes in a row and walking away fatigued but 'lean'.... Previously, going to the gym every day or other day wouldn't really yield results, so it'd be hard to keep going, so it's really nice to be seeing changes. I've lost a couple of kilos, too, in the last couple of months (I'm not in any rush, and I'm not adhering to any 'wedding weight', and realistically, if I loose another 2-3kg I'll be pretty happy in any case, so it's not like I'm racing to loose 10kg and am going to be bitterly disappointed and eat away my disappointment), and clothes that hadn't been fitting are fitting again - that's super exciting.
But this is where I need to be careful. Because I push myself, I like to be on-top, to get everything right, to be the best, and then I break, and have to stop for a week instead of a day. I just know that even with one day's rest, I find getting out to exercise again the next day is hard for me- I need to ride the wave while I'm on it.

In other news- I've picked my wedding dress!!! It's this one.  Nic knows he's not allowed to click there. For some reason they picked a photo of the model with her leg in a weird position and it makes her look chunky.. or the dress looks chunky or SOMETHING. But it's gorgeous, and simple, and me, and perfect for a garden ceremony, then running around the zoo taking photos. And it's not -too- expensive, comparatively to the cost of gowns in this country.

I also... may have ordered badges.
Yes, ok, this is frivolous (and I basically yelled at my Mum about how hiring a limo was stupid and a waste of money and I'd rather go in my Man of Awesome's Skoda for all I care, a car is just a car), but it's also cool. I figure, people who help out with wedding things/shop for shoes with me/help assemble flowers/just generally look after us, get a badge. eg. Jenny will be shopping for shoes with me. She's not a bridesmaid, and I'm sure she'd like to be, so she can have a badge. Yay! Also my Dad & his partner? Team bride badge. Nic's Dad? Team groom. Right? I think it's fun.
Look, here they are! Sadly enough, the dog on the team bride one is an ACTUAL SILHOUETTE of our dog.
I'm not entirely sure is this is lame, or cool.
Possibly lame.
But you can't really get much more 'custom made' than that, can you!?


  1. Ooooh, the top of your dress is almost identical to mine! Although mine had an extra frilly bit, but practically the same. So clearly, I love it!! Good choice ;-)

    1. Ah ha, we both must have excellent taste!

      FYI, we're tossing up between Japan & North America (again) (inc. Canada (inc. Vancouver)) for our honeymoon. OooOo the choices!

  2. That dress is gorgeous!!! And I heart the badges.