Friday, January 20, 2012

budget... really?

I decided, for fun, that I'd fill in the budget tool on the weddingwire website....
I reckon it's the Australia thing but once again, I think we're being ripped off, here.
eg. Weddingwire estimates you'll spend $140 on an officient.
Bah-bow. The average price for a celebrant here is about $800.

Oh, ok, wedding dress? $600, it says, including alterations.
You'd be lucky to get the alterations for $600, nevermind the dress.
Photographer? $900.
Nope, cheapest I've seen is $2,500.

Is this thing just way underestimating, or are our prices here seriously over the top???


  1. Yeah those sound like underestimates - it's possible to get photography for $900 but maybe not advisable unless you find a super talented beginner.

    As for the officiant, I don't know how it works in Australia, but in Canada you can get an officiant one of two ways (aside from a religious service of course): there are people who call themselves "celebrants" or something and have fancy websites and charge $500+ to plan and do your ceremony. Or there are the government sanctioned civil officiants and they just charge the set rate of $75 (plus usually you give them a generous tip) and generally use their pre-written ceremony, with input from you of course. I would be surprised if Australia didn't offer a similar option for the non-religious!

    1. Ooh, blogspot has a reply button now maybe. how exciting.

      Thanks (as always!) for your comment. I'm going to assume (having only found celebrants between $450 and $850 and never less) than we have a different system. They -all- seem to plan and do the ceremony, and of course are government sanctioned as well... I haven't seen any of these people offer a 'budget package' in any case, doing just the legal bits and bobs... I think we'd rather have a personalised ceremony.

      I was just really surprised that those were the 'pre-set' amounts given for those things! Crazy.