Friday, November 18, 2011

jobs, dresses, spiky-things.

That's an ECHIDNA. He was at the zoo. I like them- they're one of my favourite Australian animals.

Things are coming together around here, despite the fact that I still don't post as much as I'd like to. I suppose I feel a bit like I don't know what I'm writing for, and have a bit of the 'who cares what I write?' hat on at the moment. Blogs, like lessons, need purpose (gag). So. Riddle me this: Should I write more about teaching and kids, about wedding planning (which is finally starting to kick off), or a combination of the both with some gardening and cooking thrown in? I think I still prefer the latter. This feels like some kind of ongoing conversation with myself. The blog, that is. Maybe that's ok.
But it feels rather self-absorbed.

So! Nic has been accepted for a new job. It's with the Government (ooo, ahh) and pays more than his current crummy job pays. Which means that 1. We can stop stressing about the fact that I'm not currently working and don't have a job lined up yet. and 2. He can feel better about the fact that I'll be earning (marginally) more money than him, because although he mightn't like to admit it, I reckon it's a sore point. That being said, my salary caps out pretty quickly (teachers, woo!) where as, depending what he ends up doing, his will not.

Still no luck on the job front here, though. Having applied for 48 jobs and received 30-something rejection emails back is pretty awesome. I did however just send one in for an alternative school where I'd really  like to work, assuming they're into graduates, and also one for the school where I did my last rounds and where I've been volunteering, assuming they get enough enrolments for next year. Fun part about that job could be that I might get accepted, they mightn't get the numbers, and so mightn't need me after all.
But! I did pass everything- with a distinction average (77% across all subjects) so that's good. Now I just need to get registered to teach and I can start making some moolah.

On the wedding front, I went to a dress shop today by myself and that was a bit fun, since now we know where and when it's going to be, gives me a bit more clarity about how I want this all to look. My Mum has told me that my (wealthy) grandma wants to pay for my dress, so in her words I can "get what [I] want". Well.... that's all well and good, but I would still feel sincerely uncomfortable spending more than, say $3000 on a dress (and FYI, that amount seems pretty 'average' down here.). I'd rather not spend more than $1,000, but I don't know if that's going to happen unless I find something on sale. But Nic's Mum is landing in Australia at the end of the month, and having two sons I figure she'll be pretty excited to go dress looking. As emotionless as my mother has been about it all, I actually sort of mentioned to her that she might like to come, and that she hasn't seemed excited, and I think she was hurt by the thought that she wasn't! She's also under the impression that I haven't tried anything on yet (whoops) and that once I wanted to go, I'd let her know (whoops). Oh well. We'll all go together. Mum can be critical and rational, and Nic's Mum can be enthusiastic and lovely (as she is). It'll be great.

Did I tell you I'm having a 'Man of Awesome' instead of a Maid of Honour?
Well, I am.
Though I'm not sure if I'll succumb him to bridal dress shopping. Maybe I'll rope in a lady friend.
That sounds a little dirty.
Oh well!


Ceremony location:
Ok, it just looks like a lawn with some bushes and a tree. Apparently they'll be making it nicer before our date.

Reception room:
There are monkeys beyond that window. MONKEYS.

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  1. Yay Nic's new job! Fingers crossed for you, too.

    Your setup is LOVELY!