Monday, November 28, 2011

how engaging...

On Saturday night, Nic and I drove up to rural Victoria for the engagement party of our two closest friends, Jason (my Man of Awesome) and his fiance Damien. It was a 1850-1919 theme so that they could wear top-hats and tails, and was set in an old town hall built in 1870. The party was fun though there wasn't much dancing (until I took over as resident DJ), just mingling and chatting. It was a family affair, with Jason's sisters cooking most of the food, all of us pitching in to set up and pack up, we did folk dancing and the Dads gave speeches...

Anyway, I was talking to Damien near the end, and said how we hadn't done our engagement party yet, we'd been engaged over a year, and were having the wedding in November- could we still do an engagement party? He didn't seem to think there'd be a problem, and that we might as well... I'm still not so sure! I mean, we're planning an engagement picnic lunch at a local park, in March. So, there'll be 8 months until the wedding... That being said, i don't think we're planning on doing hens/bucks nights, so maybe we're allowed to have another sort of party, especially as we're having such a small number of guests... Thoughts?

I did make up an invite, though... just in case.

Click on it to make it bigger. 

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  1. I love the invite! We didn't have an engagement party, or really any party other than the wedding and the tiny co-ed bachelor/ette party.