Friday, May 6, 2011

feeling tough...

You guys...

I got my ears pierced today.

I had them done when I was like, 8, or whatever. Like (almost) every little girl.
Then somewhere along the line (ie: probably about 4 years ago) I couldn't be bothered picking earrings to wear all the time... so I didn't.
Subsequently the holes closed up, and no amount of forceful prodding would get an earring in.
Then the other day, I can't remember exactly what spurred it on- possibly opening my jewelry box for the first time in a year (yep, I clearly accessorise all the time.) and seeing all my Mum's pretty dangly earrings she gave me- a thought began to grow in my head.
And that thought said: "Lady, you are not too much of a wimp to get this done. If you can do it at 8 (or whatever) you can do it at not-quite-25!"
So I researched a bit.
I read that cos I was getting them re-pierced, it'd be a smart idea to go to a 'professional' place.
I rang a tattoo/body-piercing joint near Uni and told them what I wanted.
"Uh... yeah... see... the thing is... we do body piercing. We don't have the stud gun. And like, if we put in a ring on both, it's like.. $70 each... so... you should just go to a chemist. Or something."
So, no 'professional' for me. I rang the local dodgy hairdresser/piercing place in the mall and they told me to come in.
I sat on the little bed chair thing.
"I'm nervous!" I joked. Mostly. Not really- I meant it. I was nervous.
The girl smiled, snapping on latex gloves and disinfecting my ears.
"I always get nervous too, when I pierce myself. You've got really tiny earlobes!!!"
She gets the gun thingie.
And the other side.
I wince, scrunch up my face.
She looks at me, concerned.
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, yeah..." I try and shrug off the dwelling pain, and the feeling that my abnormally tiny earlobe had just puffed up to twice its size.

So now I have to keep the little silver star-shaped ones that I chose in for 6 weeks. I tried to pick ones that didn't remind me too much of being an 8 year old child again. They're very demure. I think. Now I'll just pray I don't get some kind of graphically horrible ear infection, maybe try and find some nice sleeper-hoops I can sleep in so that I don't have to have studs jutting into the side of my skull for the rest of my life (this may have been another reason I stopped bothering, come to think of it), and we'll be good to go.

Sorry if I made anyone squeamish. Should have maybe put a warning at the top, hey?


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  2. You had every right to be nervous.

    My daughter got her ears pierced for her 8th birthday. After what seemed like an eternity of preparation time, two women, poised on either side of my daughter, fired away with those piercing guns simultaneously. One woman backed away swiftly but the other just stood there with the gun still attached to my daughter’s ear. The gun had jammed.

    It scared the bejeezus out of me but I tried really hard to keep a calm exterior, knowing that if I looked frightened my daughter would probably lose it. She was an absolute trooper while the woman fumbled about trying to detach the gun from her ear. When they did eventually get it off I naively thought they might be able to push the ear-ring through the small bloodied hole the gun had made. No cigar. They had to reload the gun and go again.

    My younger daughter (6 y.o.), who witnessed the whole thing, has vowed never to get her ears pierced and I don’t blame her.

  3. Ouch- I'm glad I didn't read this before I went and got them done! Traumatic!!!
    Thanks for the comment!