Friday, April 15, 2011

the shape of life, in general.

So, in short, this is how things are:

  • Yesterday I ran 5km for the first time in a month. I'd changed my running gate from heel-strike to forefoot strike after doing a bit of reading and deciding that going that route would be better. It has been better because somehow it's made running less effort and chore- less difficult. That being said, I've had to build up slowly - starting by doing 1.5km, then 2km, then 3, then 3.7, then 4, 4.3, and yesterday 5km. Because forefoot strike actually requires you to move using your calf muscles, achillies, etc, rather than relying on your skeleton to absorb the shock, I've had to build up strength in muscles I (didn't realise that I) never used much before.
  • As a byproduct of this, and everything else, I more or less constantly have sore muscles somewhere. I think in the last month I've had one 'rest-day', where I probably still took Mal for a walk. It's good on one hand cos I feel super buff, but on the other- I'm sore, somewhere, all the time. 
  • That being said, I've managed to lose 1kg (2.2 pounds) in maybe... 2 months? Which is pitiful. I haven't written much about the weight-loss thing here. There's been a few people whose blogs I read frequently who put the weight-loss thing more eloquently than I thought I could. Let's just say that in November 2009 I was at 56kg - a weight I'd been dieting and exercising to get to. My 'ideal' weight.... November 2010, Nic and I ate our weight in bagels and donuts in the US, and I came home at 65kg, having left at about 60kg. I'd really like to get there again, and ideally back to 56. But, my god, if it's taking me a kg every 2 months, it's going to take a year and a half. Ouch. I feel like I look better than I did, but then I wonder if I'm making things up just to boost my self-esteem.
  • I also want to keep running. Like, every day. But my Achilles/ankle/calf is saying: NOOOO. And I must obey. I've been forgetting lately that I'm not indestructible, like, if I injure myself, I could actually injure myself, in a big way. I just have to keep that in mind.
  • Next week, I have 2 assignments due. I'm fairly confident that one is mostly finished, and the other shouldn't require me to do too much more. 
  • I think it's time to pull out my tomato plants. -sadface-
  • Mallei came on the run yesterday with me, and today he's laying down like an old man with sore bones. Maybe he's suffering as much as me?
  • The kitten refuses to believe in letting anyone sleep in. Not only did she "MEE" outside the door and throw herself at it this morning, when Nic let her in, she decided it was time to play, and pounce the door-hinges (way up high) on the inside. 
  • I've been feeling a bit distant/disconnected lately. It's a growing feeling. I don't know whether I can put it down to hormones (uh, yeah, actually, I probably can), or being at home all day, and/or feeling guilty when I don't do a thousand chores at home, and then feeling obliged to make dinner because Nic's been at work all day and it's not fair if I don't cook. And it's stupid to feel like this because I know he doesn't expect it, and that he'd be happy to cook, but I feel like... if I've been home all day, working on assignments, reading Uni crap, going for runs, reading blogs, only getting out of my PJs to go for said run... then who am I to ask Nic, when he gets home from work, having put up with annoying colleagues, answered a hundred emails (this is his job at the moment, btw), having battled traffic to get home, having probably gone to the gym on the way home... who am I then to ask him if he could please cook because I'm too tired? I think part of the disconnectedness as well is coming from this routine we've fallen into lately, more than normal. The come home-dinner-tv-shows-bed, rinse and repeat routine. Like we need to... have a nice dinner, without the tv, or go out and get Asian food, or cook some popcorn and watch a movie inside if we're feeling too poor to actually pay $17 each for a movie ticket (or maybe $14, if we go on a Tuesday).
  • That being said, had it not been for a bit of a shop I did the other night (new PJs since my old ones were literally falling to tatters, a couple of shirts for this weird autumn weather that isn't really hot, or cold), I'd be rocking the budget this fortnight. Alas, shopping gets the better of me.
  • Nic's Dad has flown in from Hong Kong. A few months ago he was asking when would be the best time for him to come, and we said: "Not this week (now), and not the Easter week. Any other time is fine". So.... he landed today. Subsequently he isn't staying on my futon on account of those two assignments I mentioned earlier, and the spare/futon room doubling as my study office/assignment writing lair. So I suppose we'll see him at some point for dinner. 
  • The other day I started kind of planning our honeymoon. Is it a little sad that I think I'm more excited about the honeymoon (Europe, baby!) than I am about the wedding itself? Is this bad? "Planning" insofar as I plotted a potential route through some places we were interested in, then guestimated how many nights we might like to spend in each of those places, then tallied the total to see what we were looking at. Might have to read my Europe book again... which I think a friend still has! Must get that back.
  • I've been looking (sort of) at dresses for the wedding again. I'm not going to say 'wedding dresses' because I'm strongly getting the sense that I won't be in a 'wedding dress', but maybe a bridesmaids dress, or one of these convertible ones (maybe even in the ocean colour.) or something from a designer that isn't touted as a 'wedding dress'. I kind of really like the convertible one... I could wear it again! Like, really. In a different style. Buahaha. 

And that is all. Also, it's friday! Happy friday.


  1. On running: yes, be careful! I'm not a runner, but I've had injuries that have kept me from other activities too much. Once injuries start, they are so hard to heal. Congrats on the buff-ness, nicely done!

    Dresses: We considered that dress as a bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding because inially we all LOVED it, but I looked up reviews and they were not great. Maybe make sure you could return it if needed?

  2. Oooh, I'll definitely look up reviews and stuff. Good thinking... I know from that site, I could get a sample of the dress sent to me for $50 to try it and test it and stuff, so that's a good thing.
    I'm sure I'll find something eventually, it'd just be really nice to find something that a) didn't cost a fortune, and b) i could wear again, like, to someone else's wedding, or whatever.
    By the way- I remember writing up a comment about your shoe post but it didn't come up, or something? :( I know my firefox has crashed about 3 times in the last 24 hours so maybe I hadn't clicked 'submit' yet. Boo-urns.

  3. I just downloaded the Couch to 10K app to get me working on running. I'm using that to teach me a) how to run, and b) to practice foot fall placement.

    Ummm...the honeymoon is what gets us through the wedding stuff. Srsly.

  4. Awesome, Jo! Let me know how it goes! Also, if you read this, I clearly suck at being a penpal. When I'm not being hammered by assignments (I think you understand) I'll try that thing again.
    Also, if you have an iphone, get RunKeeper and track your progress... then be part of my street team. So we can cheer each other on. ;)
    The app has stuff about foot-fall?? That's neat!

    Ahhh So THAT'S how this whole wedding thing works- hang on for dear life and just make it through to the honeymoon. I see!