Saturday, April 16, 2011

bird song...

A flock of Currawongs (birds!) have moved into our neighbouthood recently and it's made me exceptionally happy because the noise of these birds is synonymous with some of my fondest memories.
They're birds usually found up in the mountain areas and so, when we went hiking with Dad as kids, we'd wake to the sounds of these birds through the trees. At highschool, I was able to go on a horse-riding camp 5 years in a row, and you'd wake up in a chilly tent, the ground outside covered in dew, a low fog hanging over everything, a herd of horses snuffling nearby, and currawongs and bellbirds calling from the hills nearby.
They make me feel like I'm a little further removed from suburbia. Like I could step out my front door and see hills and trees instead of typically Australian brick-veneer houses.

I originally thought they were butcherbirds, but after a massive search, I've been proved otherwise!
Here's what I'm hearing (I didn't make this movie- I WISH our house looked out onto this forest):

This is a bellbird, also reminding me of crisp mountain mornings, or waking up in a tent somewhere beautiful.

Nic is 'dating' me tonight- I'm currently banned from the kitchen while he prepares something tasty for dinner. 

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  1. :D Date nights are lovely. We do one once a week and it's priceless.