Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what do we have so far?

Two posts in a day, lucky.
I just want to inundate you with some of my favourite images that I've found so far, and then I should do some Uni assignments. This is where I'm at with my inspiration. Unfortunately I can't remember where I got all my photos from, so I'll just credit my favourite blogs: once wed, polkadot bride, a practical wedding, style me pretty.

Colours & Flowers

Pretty purples, and I'm torn between sort of the red/plum, and the aqua. I do love aqua though.


So let me see if I can figure out where all these came from...
Top two on left: Lea Ann Belter, Kaitlin dress. I like the bodice, and I like the look of the movement of the skirt, though it would probably be a bit 'much' for me, and the train is huge- I don't want a train. But I like the interesting back, too.
Bottom left: Loving the cardigan over the dress, brilliant splash of colour. From Ruffled
Next left: Claire Pettibone, Chantily (I think). I like the silhouette, I think it would be great on my hourglass figure, though it's a bit too much lace. I also have a real love affair with cap sleeves. I do love lace, though, I think it's so romantic and feminine, but maybe in moderation.
Middle: I decided to look on Etsy, as I thought there might be some unusual/interesting/pretty stuff on there. I like the simplicity of this gown, though I don't know what material it's made from... This is the Sarah dress, from yourfairytalewedding. She does custom gowns too, which I'm super excited about... Apparently this dress can be made with pretty much any material, and corset back. I really like it, though it is very simple, and I don't know how flattering it would be on my figure. Hmm.. But it has pockets, too! Cool stuff.
2nd from right, top: Ahhhh... Claire Pettibone again, the Lalique dress, but with the bodice flower removed (how I would pefer it). I love this dress, though I could never afford it. Or wouldn't want to spend that much, anyway. I love nature things, so this fits right in. The silhouette looks gorgeous, too, and would probably be quite flattering, and it looks like it moves beautifully, too...
Top right: The Tyler dress, from Brides of Desire. There's a lot going on here, but it's surprising how much I like it. A bit of lace on the bodice, nice body-fitting silhouette, a flower there, and flowing material.. yup, that'll do it. Should be able to try this one on in Melbourne, hopefully.
Bottom right: the Tradewinds dress from Dress of Your Dreams, an online store based out of Sydney. The back is low, and lace-up, and there's lace cap sleeves, and a little bit of lace on the bodice. Pretty! Simple! Wish I could try it on. Wish I hadn't found it on a Chinese wholesaler website as well. Hmm...

So I think there's a bit of a theme here anyway; flowy, romantic, whimsical, a little bit of lace, but not too much, flower/nature motif if possible, keeping in mind my cleavage when it comes to bodice, accentuate the waist, not too overstated. Yeah. 

I think that will do for now. I'm going to make a list of my favourite blogs & sites now, then do some Uni work. If you stumble across this blog and know of any other designers (especially Australian) that I should check out, please let me know. :)

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